Dexway offers unique pronunciation method

Dexway offers the most personalized assessment of pronunciation ever created by allowing you to receive evaluations of your speech directly from a language coach. While connected to your personal tutor, you’ll be able to ask questions, listen to instructions and hear them correctly pronounce words for reference.

Dexway combines its voice recognition and vocal wave graph technology with these personalized language coach assessments to create a uniquely effective system for pronunciation evaluation .

 •Evaluations through vocal wave graphic comparison.

•Evaluations of phonetics within pronunciation lessons.

•Assessments of free speech and pronunciation via a voice recording component.

These features allow you to receive live feedback or compare your voice recording and vocal wave graphic with course samples to determine the accuracy of your performance.

Sending voice uploads to dexway’s language coaches for review can be done with the simple click of an acceptance button. These personalized evaluations can be accessed as many times as you wish for any pronunciation activity or exercise within dexway’s course structure.