dexway – the new face of language learning at DevLearn 2010

November 3rd – 4th, the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco, CA will host DevLearn 2010, an industry essential event for professionals who are involved in the DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, or MANAGEMENT of e-Learning training.


The face of eLearning is changing everyday with the array of new technology and tools that are currently available on the market. That is why it’s paramount for learning professionals to stay up to date with prevailing trends in order to ensure effective training and return on investment. DevLearn keys in on this need by uniting some of the very best learning professionals in the world under one roof and allowing them to share their knowledge, make connections and push the boundaries of eLearning progression.

At booth 103 of this years event , dexway will be on hand to present its ground-breaking online language teaching system that’s changing the face of language learning. dexway incorporates a combination of multimedia, live tutors and virtual classrooms to provide students and organizations a TRULY unique brand of personalized instruction. Its courses feature a high level of interactivity and a diversity of exercises that make learning easy, effective and enjoyable, creating the best way to learn a language.

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dexway at the 2010 Beijing International Education Expo (BIEE)



From June 18th -20th, the China International Exhibition Center (CIEC)  hosted the Beijing International Education Expo (BIEE), an event that is widely regarded as the most successful high-impact international education expo in China.



At booth 2A10 (Hall 2) of exposition,  dexway displayed its revolutionary eLearning method for teaching language which features virtual classrooms, live online teachers and some of the most innovative technology currently on the market. Those in attendance had an opportunity to experience one of the greatest innovations of 2010 BIEE.

This year’s event attracted over 100,000 visitors and nearly 500 exhibitors from over 32 countries around the globe.

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Lift off from the 2010 NAFSA Conference

After six intense days of networking with over 7,000 international education professionals, dexway made one thing clear at the 2010 NAFSA Conference and Exposition – it’s revolutionizing the way people learn language.


The 2010 NAFSA Conference & Exposition

This year’s conference in Kansas City, Missouri was an overwhelming success and it provided a great opportunity to receive thought-provoking feedback from hundreds of visionary educators.  Visitors from all over the world stopped by dexway’s booth and put its technological brawn to the test as they tinkered with its dynamic interactive multimedia exercises. While guests practiced their pronunciation, dubbed movies and played vocabulary -to- picture match games, dexway eliminated all preexisting communication barriers with its multilingual translation and assistance features. Whether our visitors were from China, Germany, Korea or Australia, dexway brought smiles to their faces as they experienced a language learning method that truly adapts to its user.

In keeping with the theme of the NAFSA Conference, dexway’s creative use technology gave attendees insight into different ways that the globalization of higher education and the creation of socially responsible programs can be achieved. By harnessing the power of elearning and combining it with live teaching and intuitive support, dexway is proving that effective language education can take place from anywhere in the world.

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dexway’s innovation turns heads at the 2010 ASTD ICE

The 2010 ASTD Conference and Exposition has come and gone, living up to its billing as the premier event for workplace learning and performance professionals. Over the span of three days, the conference hosted more than 8,500 attendees and featured special session speakers from over 30 different countries around the globe.




At the 2010 ASTD ICE, visitors of dexway’s booth got a chance to experience our language learning methods truly novel technology and structure. From music dubbing to situational simulation and a host of other multimedia exercises, attendees were able to get hands-on with some of dexway’s unique features and capabilities. Overall, our booth guests were amazed at the depth of dexway’s language courses and their unparalleled combination of rich interactivity and user flexibility.

Photobucket Many of our international visitors also raved about dexway’s multilingual assistance, which kept them in tune by thoroughly translating coursework material and detailing necessary information in their native language – the type of support that is commonly missing from most language learning programs on the market today. Overall, dexway gave attendees insight into its method’s capability to not only teach the intricacies of language, but prepare students to apply it as well.

In short, the 2010 ASTD ICE was a great success. It provided a platform to connect with leaders in the field of workforce training and educational technologies and show them how dexway is changing the face of language learning.

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Online language learning at its best

Have you noticed that some of the  most “POPULAR” language learning programs are suddenly getting on board the 21st century train and offering live online learning?

Learning a language online in the comfort of your own home with the assistance of a teacher is a truly genius concept. The only problem is, developing a curriculum, finding great teachers and integrating a fully functional eLearning program with progressive technological tools doesn’t happen overnight.

Don’t be their guinea pig!

If you look closely, many of these so called “new programs” are the same old content, placed online without any gadgets or innovation to create a truly note worthy experience. Sure, they give you their program and the assistance of, for lack of a better word, a “tutor,” but what kind of progressive learning is that?

Instead of concentrating on combining features like multimedia course content, integrating virtual classrooms with useful teaching tools and supplying you with the assistance of native speaking language coaches, most programs invest all of their time and effort into convincing you that they are bringing something truly novel to the table.Photobucket

With dexway, you get a language learning curriculum developed by expert linguist and the latest eLearning technology to help create the most innovative learning experience ever available.  The difference between dexway and the rest of the language methods currently available is that we’ve been in the elearning business for over 25 years, so we know what it takes to help students progress. Whether its multilingual assistance, charts filled with grammatical breakdowns or video simulation, dexway’s got it. And best of all, our online language coaches are true native speakers who have all the tools they need at their finger tips in order to provide you with an unparalleled learning experience.

What tools you ask?

dexway’s language learning technology includes a voice recognition component for uploading pronunciations, full whiteboard capabilities and live chat (voice & text) just to name a few. These features allow dexway’s users to  interact with fellow students and receive articulate explanations from course teachers.

So if you want to learn a new language, don’t let an unproven method experiment with your time and money. Learn the right way, with dexway!

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Using technology to shorten the language learning curve

Learning a new language can be a complex process


Learning a second tongue isn’t solely based on the memorization of names and facts. Although it requires you to remember words and their meanings, this is merely a fraction of the mastery process. The real work comes in understanding the proper use, pronunciation and tense of words for certain situations, which is closely equated to problem solving. That is why a language learning method which bases its teaching on tactics like learning from pictures and drawing connections can never truly prepare students for communicating in the real world.

Beware of questionable methods

The sad fact is that most language learning methods really aren’t methods at all. The vast majority are highly marketed programs with appealing interfaces and no substance. The only thing most of them are really good at is acquiring exposure and creating cute promotional pitches.

Sure, it’s nice to imagine attaining fluency by learning language the same way you did as a child, but if you really think hard about it, doesn’t that translate into using it like a child?


Harnessing technology and making it work for you

With dexway, you can thoroughly learn a new language online through a system developed by language specialists that focuses on making language easier to understand, rather than dumbing it down.  To do this, the dexway method of language learning places unparalleled emphasis on harnessing technology and infusing it within its course structure.

For instance, dexway’s  virtual classroom features live language coach assistance, enabling its method to engage users, answer questions and give real-time feedback. This, combined with other facets of dexway’s method like its voice recognition system with a vocal wave chart component allows students to record their own pronunciations and with the simple click of a button, upload and send it to a language coach for an instant assessment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s the synergy of technologies like these that makes dexway the most complete language learning method ever created.

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Take a free placement test and begin learning a new language with dexway.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a new language but just haven’t had the time, money or opportunity, your chance has finally arrived. dexway is the newest, most innovative and interactive way to learn a language online, and now its offering FREE placement tests in Spanish, French, English and British. By simply registering on dexway’s website and creating a user name, you can access our placement test which will assess your level of language competency and recommend a course regimen to begin your language training.


By taking dexways placement test, you’ll get to experience a taste of the most technologically advanced language learning method on the market, which includes interactive multimedia, video situation simulation, voice recognition and live professor tutelage within dexway’s virtual classrooms.  After finishing your placement test, dexway will give you a detailed evaluation of your level of competency in various facets of the language that you wish to learn as well as a recommended level to begin dexway.

Go ahead and fulfill your curiosity with no obligation. Dexway is fully online and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, so whenever you’re ready to learn a new language, dexway will be there.

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Learn to speak French interactively with dexway!

Have you ever wanted to learn French but didn’t have the time or money to do so? Now you can take advantage of an opportunity to learn it from the comfort of your own home with dexway, the most innovative, interactive and affordable online language learning method on the market.

Photobucket French is one of the most popular second languages in the world, and rightly so. Along with English, French is recognized as a language of diplomats and has the ability to enhance understanding of culture and the English language as a whole. This is because over 40 percent of English is derived of the French language. Furthermore, learning French increases employability as a bilingual individual. When considering that over 2,000 multinational companies in the world have French subsidiaries, it’s hard to argue against the opportunity that exists.

With dexway, you can enjoy learning the intricacies of French via world class technology like virtual classes combined with live professor tutelage, interactive multimedia, video situation simulation and voice recognition systems in a fully online format.

Start by taking dexway’s FREE placement test, receive an analysis of your current level of knowledge and find out what level of dexway you’re recommended to begin.

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Amidst a market filled with empty promises, dexway’s language learning method delivers

There are many language learning methods currently available on the market, most promoting misconceptions and failing to deliver a truly effective product. Fancy wording, premium ad placement and misleading information are just a few of the tactics being used by marketers to command consumer attention and motivate potential users to purchase their language learning system. Yet, just as the ever popular sayings go, you can’t believe everything you read and you most certainly shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.


An assortment of language learning methods and programs promise a “natural learning experience,” say they offer “the easiest way to learn language” and claim that they supply learners with live teachers to facilitate language acquisition, but the majority are really serving up empty promises. For instance, what good does a live teacher serve if a program is not equipped with the essential tools and technology to bring course work to life and facilitate the learning process? Beyond that, how can these facets of a learning program provide an effective experience if this lack of technology is combined with poor instruction?

Unfortunately, the methods that do have a little substance and muscle behind their claims come at a cringe worthy price. The saddest part is, it’s usually not because of years spent researching and perfecting the teaching method. More likely than not, that hefty price tag is there in light of all the money spent hyping and marketing the product to the public.


With dexway, all of these worries, deficiencies and exaggerations are put to rest.  The dexway method of language learning is a process which has been procured by the foremost linguists and has proven its effectiveness for over two decades.  So trust us when we say, dexway offers users the most innovative and interactive language learning experience available on the market.

dexway features highly experienced native tutors via its virtual classroom technology, including whiteboard, webcam, voice and text chat, assuring you language learning like no other method can. Furthermore, dexway is fully online and offers assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year – so when we say we’re always there, we mean it!


Lastly, dexway doesn’t base its method around one limited concept like assimilation or learning language like when you were a kid. It understands the positive aspects of these techniques and combines them with other proven tactics and attributes like interactive multimedia, multilingual assistance, in-depth explanations and voice recognition technology.

After all, if you “learn language like a child,” isn’t it likely that you’ll use it like one too?

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The importance of culture when learning to speak a second language

Learning a language is much more than grammatical rules, vocabulary, pronunciation and phrases. In essence, it is the process of achieving the ability to communicate with people of other cultures, and to do that, you must be able to understand the complexities which exist beyond language itself. It is this priceless knowledge which helps second language learners to understand native speakers and the proper way to express themselves in certain situations while avoiding the possibility of conveying the wrong messages.


Linguists have long recognized that the forms and uses of a given language reflect the cultural values of the society in which the language is spoken; this is why mere linguistic competency is not enough for learners to be competent in a particular language.  Second language learners need to be aware of culturally appropriate ways to address people, make requests, agree or disagree and express gratitude, especially since their own customary behavior and intonation may be perceived differently by members of differing cultures. It is essential to understand that in order to become a successful communicator; the language being used must parallel culturally appropriate behavior.

As noted by the National Standards in Foreign Language Education Project, through the study of language, students gain a knowledge and understanding of the cultures that use that language. In fact, students cannot truly master a language until they have also mastered the cultural context in which the language occurs. Oddly enough, it is this essential facet of the language learning process that a majority of methods fail to realize and place proper importance upon.

From incorporating cultural concepts and native speaking tutors to clarifying formal and informal ways to reference people, dexway prepares its students not only to understand languages and their particularities, but how to articulate themselves properly in any situation. dexway takes its users from level   0 – 100% comprehension and fluency by teaching its students socio-cultural aspects of the language at hand and giving them a firm grasp of its intricacies, thoroughly preparing its students for official language examinations once their coursework is complete.  This focus paired with innovative teaching technology such as virtual classrooms, interactive multimedia and live tutor assistance makes dexway the most effective language learning method on the market.

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