dexway – the method thats pedagogically perfect

dexway offers a method that allows for the progression from 0% to 100% for the level, step-by-step, consolidating learning at every moment and guaranteeing the completion of each course successfully.
The dexway method ensures its students a firm and consolidated way of progressing, based on researched structure that takes care of every aspect of language learning without allowing the student to make habitual errors or engage in linguistic bad habits. The content for each lesson and activity is carefully constructed and planned so that the student acquires the language naturally without gaps, thereby guaranteeing the best in learning.

During the start of each course (first 40% of the same) the content is designed so that the student consolidates his or her previous knowledge level and continues with the highest confidence to finish the rest of the course. In this way, it assures the continuation for the students with more difficulties, and those with a more sharpened progression will be able to obtain their level of learning in a more reinforced way throughout 60% of the remaining course, where the content developed becomes more intense for this level.

Likewise, dexway adapts to each user through a totally personalized structure, with the ability to plan an education as you see fit. The student can configure the course specifically, with grammar help that is needed in his or her own language or adapting it to a more “natural” education without using the native language and without content that is purely grammatical, just as we had learned to speak our own native language.

If the student does not have any previous knowledge of the language, they will start with an initial test level that the instructors will revise their level of writing, comprehension and pronunciation to guide them directly from the start level until the end of the course. dexway is divided into levels and each level is composed of two or three courses depending on the case, following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and international certificates of linguistic competency: TOEFL-TOEIC (American English), First Certificate (British English), DELF-DALF (French), Goethe (German) o DELE (Spanish).

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