City bikes

The public bicycles in London introduced by mayor Boris Johnson


These days everybody tries to be energy efficient and nobody wants to damage the environment. It is cool to be green. Many cities now have public bicycles available. It is the ideal way to travel around a city; it is faster than walking and healthier than taking the bus. Providing a public bicycle service is expensive so often the bicycles have advertisements on them, and usually users pay a small charge to use the bicycles. We like to think of our generation as the first environmentally conscious generation but public bicycle schemes were introduced in the past as well, but they were unsuccessful. All the bikes were stolen or damaged. In the 21st century we are either more respectful or bicycle security is better!

There are public bicycle schemes in lots of cities all over the world including Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, New York City, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Kyoto, Taipei, Melbourne, Vienna, Brussels, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Budapest, Dublin, Rome, Rotterdam, Oslo, Warsaw, Bucharest, Ljubljana, Valencia, Stockholm and London as well as many more cities.

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