Amidst a market filled with empty promises, dexway’s language learning method delivers

There are many language learning methods currently available on the market, most promoting misconceptions and failing to deliver a truly effective product. Fancy wording, premium ad placement and misleading information are just a few of the tactics being used by marketers to command consumer attention and motivate potential users to purchase their language learning system. Yet, just as the ever popular sayings go, you can’t believe everything you read and you most certainly shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.


An assortment of language learning methods and programs promise a “natural learning experience,” say they offer “the easiest way to learn language” and claim that they supply learners with live teachers to facilitate language acquisition, but the majority are really serving up empty promises. For instance, what good does a live teacher serve if a program is not equipped with the essential tools and technology to bring course work to life and facilitate the learning process? Beyond that, how can these facets of a learning program provide an effective experience if this lack of technology is combined with poor instruction?

Unfortunately, the methods that do have a little substance and muscle behind their claims come at a cringe worthy price. The saddest part is, it’s usually not because of years spent researching and perfecting the teaching method. More likely than not, that hefty price tag is there in light of all the money spent hyping and marketing the product to the public.


With dexway, all of these worries, deficiencies and exaggerations are put to rest.  The dexway method of language learning is a process which has been procured by the foremost linguists and has proven its effectiveness for over two decades.  So trust us when we say, dexway offers users the most innovative and interactive language learning experience available on the market.

dexway features highly experienced native tutors via its virtual classroom technology, including whiteboard, webcam, voice and text chat, assuring you language learning like no other method can. Furthermore, dexway is fully online and offers assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year – so when we say we’re always there, we mean it!


Lastly, dexway doesn’t base its method around one limited concept like assimilation or learning language like when you were a kid. It understands the positive aspects of these techniques and combines them with other proven tactics and attributes like interactive multimedia, multilingual assistance, in-depth explanations and voice recognition technology.

After all, if you “learn language like a child,” isn’t it likely that you’ll use it like one too?

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